Learn Indonesian Language online while discovering the real Indonesia.

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   Learn Indonesian at Bintang Bahasa
The FASTEST and EASIEST way to
learn Indonesian. GUARANTEED!

Simply the BEST method for learning Indonesian!

What is the best way to learn Indonesian?

That's a good question, and one that we feel quite strongly about. Our primary goal is to make our method and material better and better, while spreading the word so people can find us and maximize the effectiveness of their efforts to learn Indonesian.

We've seen the results with students time and time again, and in comparison to other programs, our methods really do work amazingly well. This email that we received from a "language enthusiast" is a much appreciated 'stamp of approval'.

I'm currently studying Cantonese, Mandarin, Classical Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, Spanish, a Native American Salish language, and a little bit of Indonesian. I'm not yet fluent in any of these languages (except possibly Mandarin and French), so it really just shows that I'm ambitious or possibly insane. But it does cause me to spend a lot of time looking at different language programs and language learning strategies, and thinking about the most effective ways to learn a language.

Most of the programs I see just frustrate me with their uselessness. This includes Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur; although of these two, I think Pimsleur comes closer to natural language learning. But generally, I react the same way to most programs I discover. "Please, don't start by telling me how to count to 10. Please don't tell me polite greetings when I can't understand anything else. Please, don't just tell me that book is 'buku'. Show me how to form a sentence already." It's very rare that I think a program gets it right. Yours does.

We still have many ideas to make our program for learning Indonesian better and better and hope that you will become another very satisfied student.

Seeing is believing.

The simple dialogue on the right shows our new 'active text' feature which puts YOU in control of your language learning. Conveniently pause/play the audio by pressing 'Ctrl' and slow down (or speed up) the audio as needed. Below is some more sample material, and remember that language learning is mostly a physical process and speak out loud, 'copying' what you hear.

For absolute beginners:
Beginner Indonesian - Bob Saja
(sample pages will open in a new tab)

Intermediate to advanced learners:
Video Sample : Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troop)
Conversation : Pak Soeharto meninggal

Are you absolutely committed to learning Indonesian?

Great!! We're absolutely committed to helping you. How to get started?
If you're an absolute beginner, you can Get started learning Indonesian here!.

To determine which program is best suited to your level, get started here!

If you already know a few words and expressions in Indonesian, click on the audio player below (lower left corner of your screen) and select a file to listen to from the 'PLAYLIST'. Then continue reading to find out the best way for you to learn Indonesian.

The simple dialogue on the right gives you an idea of how we start learning. We simply jump in and get started. There's no need for any grammar explanations or English, simply get started listening and speaking Indonesian. Language learning is a physical process! Learn by doing!!

We also focus on 'intuitive learning'. In the dialogue to the right, even someone who doesn't know a single word in Indonesian can immediately recognize that "Apa?" = "What?", and "Ini." = "This.".

Learning grammar aspects is especially effective when learned intuitively. From multiple repetitions of 'buku saya ', 'buku kamu', etc, this important grammar point becomes 'embedded' in your brain. It's a physical neural connection that is being built, which will 'combat' the urge to say it in reverse if you try thinking in English 'my book', 'your book'. We've seen this problem with students who learned elsewhere and it's a very difficult habit to break once it's been formed.

If you'd like to know more about why our methods for learning are so effective, click here: How to learn Indonesian FAST!

PoliLingua provides Indonesian translation services to businesses and private individuals, we are able to help you with your language requirements in a professional and timely manner.

So how good is your Indonesian?

Perhaps you already know some Indonesian, so let's check to see how good your Indonesian language skills are. Siap? Try the following examples.

"Welcome to Indonesia."    (?)   (Click to see the answer.)

"What are you doing?"    (?)

"it seems" / "I think"    (?)

"She's listening to music on the radio."    (?)

(leaving your office or house) "Oh, I forgot something."    (?)

It's very important to stop translating from English and simply use Indonesian as it was intended. Developing a 'feel' for a language begins with the very first lesson if the program is set up properly.

How about these expressions:
"I never knew that before." / "I didn't know that."    (?)

"The power's out." / "The electricity's out."    (?)

"It's going to rain." / "It looks like it's going to rain."    (?)

(tell your driver to fill up the car with gas)    (?)

(and when the taxi stops to fill up he might say)    (?)

(and if you need some air in your tires, what would you say?)    (?)

(and the expression for 'catch a cold'?)    (?)

Notice how the last few examples all worked on developing a deeper understanding of the words 'ngisi' and 'angin'. This is another key element of a good program. It must build on previously introduced material in order to strengthen the understanding, and you're literally strengthening the neural connections. The student doesn't have to do anything. The program is doing the work.

If this sounds like the type of Indonesian language program you'd like to have then get started learning Indonesian NOW!

Of course, a good program for learning Indonesian also has to be interesting and FUN, right? Indonesian comics and videos are a great way to spice up your Indonesian language program.

Here's a simple video where we combined an Indonesian comic and dialogue for a lesson:

For other videos, check out our Learn Indonesian Videos page.

Try these audio files with the player on the left or download them to play on your computer, ipod or mp3 player.   (right click and 'Save Link As...')

Apa ini? / Apa itu?

Bob Saja (Just Bob)

Level 0 - Dialogue 1

Level 1 - Dialogue 1

Christy and Iwan    (Real life, every day Indonesian.)

Conversation after death of Soeharto

We're now setting up these and other dialogues with the 'active text' feature so that you can maximize your learning. To get access to them and much more join as a member for just $10 per month.

To start learning for beginners go to our Free Basic Indonesian

Or, maximize your time spent learning Indonesian with a complete program to help you learn Indonesian FAST!

The Indonesian language is a kaleidoscope of possibility. If you focus on trying to learn the grammar and the suffixes and prefixes, then you're in for a nightmare. Learning these aspects of the Indonesian language MUST come AFTER you have mastered the basics and have absorbed the natural feel and rhythm of REAL Indonesian. For a bit of background on the Indonesian language, go to our new page Indonesian Language - Unravel the Secrets.

As I mentioned above, learning Indonesian (or any language) is actually a fairly straight forward process. The problem is always the method. Here, at LearnIndonesian.org, you will discover a new and amazingly effective way to learn any language, and the first thing to remember is that learning a new language is mainly a physical process, not a mental process.

You have to learn to recognize new words (both listening and reading), know their meaning, and know what they mean in relation to other words and the ideas that are being expressed by the 'group of words'. The IDEA being expressed is always the key element. Memorizing vocabulary really doesn't do you much good, it's difficult and boring.
(continue)    (Click drop down to continue reading.)

My current passion/obsession is to finish developing a new method for learning any language. I have searched the internet over and over and I have yet to find anyone teaching languages effectively. Even (and especially) the big companies (Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, Rocket Languages, etc) do not measure up to their promises. Please come visit our new site: ExpressWayLanguages.com

It's really not rocket science, and it seemed obvious to me as a student/ teacher/ engineer. Perhaps my lack of formal training has allowed me to keep an open mind to see the obvious.

For learning Indonesian, there is even less material available. One booklet that is reasonably good, albeit a bit out-dated, is "Bahasa Indonesia in 7 Days". The author does make some good points:    (continue)

Indonesian is a very easy language to learn, so a little effort goes a long way. We have a very handy little booklet and audio file 'Tiba di Bandara' (Arrive at Airport) which adheres to the concept of 'keeping it real' and progressing step-by-step (word-by-word).

It's actually much better than a traditional phrasebook because it literally almost leads you by the hand (tongue?) from arriving at the airport, getting through immigration, getting a taxi, going to your hotel, calling your friend, meeting him for lunch, and going to his house for dinner. All that is accomplished with a vocabulary of just 170 words!

Give it a try:    Tiba di Bandara   (opens new tab with text and audio)
Tiba di Bandara   (audio: click to play, right click to download)

As I indicated earlier, our aim is to have the best online language program anywhere; and not just for learning Indonesian, but also other languages including Russian, Japanese, French, and Spanish to start with. To be sure, that's a BIG ambition, but we're convinced we can do it and convinced that we're on the right track. Please come visit our new site: ExpressWayLanguages.com

To accomplish this for several languages is obviously a very big project and we'll need help completing it, so if you're interested in joining our team please send me an email. We're open to all new ideas, so any you may have would be most appreciated.

Ideally, we'd like to make it possible for you to learn Indonesian online without a teacher; accomplish that within a few months, and when you arrive in Indonesia you can comfortably talk with anyone. Yes, it is possible, but practically speaking, a teacher will greatly improve your speed of learning. If you'd like a teacher to help you one-on-one, online, or in person if you're already living in Indonesia, please contact us and we'll set you up.

For a variety of other material, you can visit our sister site at Bintang Bahasa and, if you have any questions or would like some more downloadable material, just drop me an email.

Hope you enjoy learning Indonesian with us. Selamat Belajar!

For absolute beginners get started learning Indonesian here!.

To determine which program is best suited to your level, get started here!

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      The best way to begin learning Indonesian is simply LISTEN, READ and SPEAK.
Try this for absolute Newbies!

NEW!! Active text!! Simply click on the text to play, press 'Ctrl' to pause/play, and use the 'slider' to adjust the speed.


For absolute newbies:

Apa ini? (What's this?)
Itu buku. (That's a book.)
Buku siapa? [Book who?]
Buku saya. (My book.)
Buku kamu? (Your book?)
Iya, buku saya.
Ini buku kamu juga?
Iya, itu buku saya.
Dan ini?
Iya, itu buku saya juga.
Ini apa?
Itu majalah. (magazine)
Majalah siapa?
Majalah saya.
Majalah kamu?
Iya, majalah saya.
Dan ini?
Itu majalah saya juga.
(looking at a photo)
Ini siapa? (Who's this?)
Mana? (Where?)
Itu anak saya.
Namanya siapa?
Umurnya berapa?
(How old is he?)

Delapan. (8)
Tinggal di mana dia?
(Where does he live?)

Sama ibunya.
(With his mom.)

Ini apa?
Koran. (newspaper)

And so on..

Each individual student can progress at whatever speed they're comfortable with.

Another important factor is to trust the method and trust yourself. Just 'let it happen' and you will learn very quickly.

Intuitive Learning:

Let's have a look at how 'intuitive learning' is applied. The simplest of dialogues can be very powerful and immediately begin building an understanding of the language and how it works (the grammar).

Apa ini? (What's this?)
Itu buku. (That's a book.)
Buku siapa? [Book who?]
Buku saya. (My book.)
Buku kamu? (Your book?)
Iya, buku saya.

The meaning of the word 'apa' (what) is immediately emphasized by the simple question, "Apa?".

To learn Indonesian quickly and easily you need good material that builds on all previous material in a gradual 'spiralling' of understanding.

Here's a list of words to get you going, and remember, don't waste time and effort trying to memorize words. Glance over the list quickly and let your intuitive learning ability take control.











jam berapa


hari ini



how many

also, too

I, me, my
you, your


older br/sis
younger br/s



in, at, on

same; with

live, stay

time, hour
what time




Intuitive learning techniques are particularly important in languages such as Japanese where the word order is different from English. The possessive form was also introduced and reinforced repeatedly. Learning in this way avoids the common mistakes which happen when 'thinking' in your own language and trying to speak another language.

For fun!

But also a great way to learn Indonesian, here's an Indonesian comic, "Donal Bebek"!

(For a bigger image of the comic:)
Learn Indonesian with Comics Donal Bebek

Learn Indonesian with Movies!

There are lots of Indonesian videos from movies and TV programs that have reasonably good English subtitles to help you practice listening to 'real' Indonesian. Mostly it's Jakarta dialect or Jakarta slang but that's what's common on TV so if you want to be able to understand people from Jakarta, this will help a lot.

To watch the video and see the text matching the audio, along with the English subtitles AND a version of 'regular' Indonesian to match, then go to our special page:
Learn Indonesian from Videos